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George "martha no" Washington
"how dare you", "something sexy about zombies", #leepacehashtags, #snailedit, #warmwelcome, 3.16.14, 3.24.14, 30 degrees left, 31.10.14, accidentally swearing in german, adopting agnes, aglonn-ing in thranduilese, all things being informal, armitage route to writing, awesome power dog, batales, big lurking yoda, bob ross and chill, boss ass elf elf, bunssss, carl and pizza, co-untzers, cue enrique, double stuffed purrito, downloading another guinness, drift compatible, equally, everything bat-themed, fists for my honor, for reasons, fuck you space debris, joe's members only jacket, le cardboard, lee's eyebrow grooming technique, long distance steaking, making the informal formal, mapped it out earlier, martha no, morning moonshine shots, my peashooter, neck porn, personal law of physics, pie making with thranduil, pineapple suice is my favorite, pivot and shut up, pollen-dappled bats, post credits surprise ronan, protecting lee from ghosts, purrito and chill, pursuit of ice cream, relationship motto, removing backspace keys, serial clothes borrowing, sharing ice buckets, smooth and rough rings, stark trek: into deathness, stereo heartbeats, subliminally rude, texan meatballs, the indignant "fine", the phantom dirty update, the purrito shirt, the sentimental tie clip, this dark music time, unicorns and purritos, untz untz talking, velcro kisses, veracious sexual appetite, waking up rawrly, wall-nut and peashooter, wolfmother and wine, you and tom waits, you plz me, you're my etc, ΦΊΛΤΑΤΟΣ